We create value


Based on the customer’s needs and in alignment with the latest technology trends, we are developing solutions which are easy to use and bring high value.


GEOTELEMARK is a web application that represents an integrated solution for business support. Users from different departments can access relevant georeferenced data, analyse it and generate reports. It can be used at all levels of organization to analyse, better understand and visualize business performance. The intuitive power of geo-referenced data, combined with analytical power, provides opportunities that may not be detected in tabular data alone and can help in providing competitive edge. GEOTELEMARK provides real-time location based information in order to enhance workflows and improve decision making:

  • real-time (analytics at your fingertips)
  • geo-referenced (reporting within timelines)
  • predictive analytics (based on machine learning)
  • personalized points of interests
  • profiling and segmentation of the customers
  • survey customer opinion does matter
  • loT (future proof)
  • visualization of status and notification
  • exclusive on all your assets


IMPOQO tailor made, smart and personalized eCommerce solution empowers clients in retail and telco industries in order to provide intuitive, engaging and enjoyable shopping experience. Carefully built eCommerce experience increases customers’ satisfaction, builds their trust and devotion and increases our clients’ sales. IMPOQO eCommerce solution empowers our clients with the personalized, feature-rich and omnichannel eShop for delivering not just products, but extraordinary experiences as well. Grow your business, discover new opportunities, extend to new markets and at the same time decrease operating costs.

Network Performance Monitoring

With our Network Performance monitoring, customers can have complete insight in availability of their ICT services and be sure that all systems which support their business are up and running. Predefined alarms and reports enable possibility to react on possible outages and prevent system failures. Based on customer’s requirements, we can offer complimentary services which include:

  • Consolidation
  • Outsourcing of the monitoring process
  • Maintenance of the ICT systems
  • Planning and ICT infrastructure design

Customer Information System

Enetel Solutions’ Customer Information System (CIS) is an audio-visual information system for passenger notification, successfully implemented in Serbian Railways, on railway stations Beograd Centar and Karađorđev park. It generates textual messages on information displays and audio messages which announce specific event, based on Serbian Railways definition. PIS Solution improves passenger experience by providing accurate and timely information about train schedule.

Outsourcing Software Development

Gain advantage and conquer market quicker by developing top quality applications. With Outsourcing Software Development services Enetel Solutions can provide, you can keep your focus on finding new customers and enhancing their experience while we develop crucial applications for your business. Based on your requirements and our experience, dedicated team of skilled developers will bring to life products necessary for productive work which are also easy to use. With strictly defined regulatory rules and non-disclosure agreements, Enetel Solutions enables secure and efficient Outsourcing Software Development projects.