Video je sjajan način upoznavanja


Pogledajte naše najnovije prezentacije i demo snimke proizvoda. Pratite naš Youtube kanal, a mi ćemo se truditi da ga ažuriramo sa najnovijim informacijama vezanim za Enetel Solutions.

Roaming Solutions at ICT event in Sarajevo

3. April 2017

We make the news in Bosnia-Herzegovina, too :) Enetel Solutions' Borko talks to Federacija Danas TV about our software products after an ICT event in Sarajevo.

Roaming Solutions – New Year’s Party 2016

11. January 2017

It was a night to remember! Roaming Solutions New Year party gathered people from all three companies within the Group at one place and we all had a blast. All for one, and one for all :)

30. December 2016

Roaming Solutions – Kid’s New Year’s Party

Imagine our delight to see our youngest feeling the joy of the upcoming holidays. They reveled in their playday, watching the stage show and hanging out with Santa Clause. Since then, we just keep on smiling...

29. December 2016

Roaming Solutions – The power of vision

As we are about to leave behind a successful and fruitful 2016, take a look at how it passed by. Our team is growing and we are all looking forward to new challenges in the year to come.

19. November 2016


Geotelemark is a web application that represents an integrated solution for business support. Users from different departments can access relevant geo-referenced data, analyse it and generate reports. It can be used at all levels of your organization to analyse, better understand and visualize business performance. Geotelemark is a central repository that can be synchronized with your systems, call centre, campaign manager systems or with any system you are already using by means of API integration.

9. September 2016

Family Day, Roaming Solutions Group

Roaming Solutions Group Family Day passed by in a fantastic atmosphere and even days later we just cannot stop smiling :)  Youngest members of our big family paid us a visit, and we spent the day playing, hanging around and laughing.

22. June 2016

Passenger Information System

Enetel Solutions’ Passenger Information System (PIS) is an audio-visual information system for passenger notification, successfully implemented in Serbian Railways, on railway stations Beograd Centar and Karađorđev park. PIS Solution improves passenger experience by providing accurate and timely information about train schedule.

18. April 2016

Outsourcing Software Development

With Outsourcing Software Development services Enetel Solutions can provide, you can keep your focus on finding new customers and enahncing their experience while we develop crucial applications for your business.

31. December 2015

Day at Enetel Solutions

Good people make a great company! We share the same desire to create innovative solutions that can change the way we live and work. We believe that each idea is worthy of attention and that together we can make them all come true.

31. December 2015

World of Roaming Solutions

Roaming Solutions group consists of three companies - Roaming Networks, Enetel Solutions and Zero Gravity. We may do different type of work but we all have one thing in common - we are passionate about our job. Here is how a day in our life looks like.