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1. July 2019

For centuries we have been programmed to think that play is the opposite of work. Today’s behavioural research by play theorists, such as Brian Sutton-Smith, proves the opposite – the opposite of play are inertia and depression.

Thanks to opportunities provided by new technology, work and play can now be efficiently combined to improve efficiency and productivity.

The element of play in every segment of the business brings enormous benefits that could be reflected in revenue growth. Gaming industry is by all means one of the fastest growing.

If we consult recent research reports done by respectable HR and coaching agencies, such as Gallup, we might be surprised to hear that the global average engagement levels in corporations are only about 15%.

About 60% of employees are neither motivated nor inspired enough by company’s mission and do not want to contribute to company’s continued success. On average, about 25% of employees in corporations are very unmotivated to participate in creating opportunities for their company’s success, but actively participate in public discrediting of the company in their community.

This is a clear signal that traditional motivation methods within a company do not work.

Firms that accept the concept of business gamification also accept a new mindset that is needed for transformation and are on a good path to change the employees’ minds about the company as well as many other things that do not work.

Business gamification is successfully applied in various fields by global companies such as Microsoft, SAP, Ford, T-mobile, etc.

The main reasons for gaming industry’s great success are that players are being challenged by competition, instant rewards and instant feedback. When we apply those insights to business, we get incredible results in areas that are most often very difficult to improve with traditional methods.

Game up

The goal of GAME UP corporate gamification solution is to enable companies to become more productive and improve their employees’ and their users’ experience at the same time.

Roaming Solutions Group (, within its operations, has three gaming companies: Zero Gravity, Clock Drive Games and Tiro, and it can be proud of its considerable domain knowledge in the fields of games, neuroscience and motivation. In 2018, this has led to the idea of creating a corporate gamification application that, through various game scenarios, can help both big and small companies to improve their results.


GAME UP is an omnichannel application ( that allows companies, through various scenarios, to gamify knowledge within a company, sales, retail and customer service, but also to improve user experience and employee satisfaction. Our satisfied customers were able to quickly measure positive effects of this solution by improving their companies’ results.


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