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Charity action “Share the Joy”: Donations to primary schools across the region

17. June 2019

As in the previous years, the Roaming Solutions Group has continued its activities regarding the charity action “Share the Joy”. By donating teaching aids we have brought joy to youngsters at primary schools in Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By renewing the basic teaching aids and donating modern technologies, the Roaming Solutions Group decided to brighten up the school days of primary school students in rural areas of Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, make their studying easier and raise the level of their education.

“As the future of every community lies in its children, and as there is nothing more important, beside health, than quality education, it is a goal of this socially responsible action to support improvements in primary education”, stated the managing director Rade Vujović.

We have made students in six schools in Serbia, Montenegro, and Bosnia and Herzegovina happier and their school days better.

We donated new, modern desks and chairs to “Milan Rakić” primary school satellite classroom, located in the village of Donja Toplica in Mionica, which houses 90 students from I to VIII grade in two separate buildings.

“The new furniture will serve as another incentive and motive for studying. We are very grateful for this valuable and useful donation to our school”, said the school principle Slađana Ranković.

We donated a ʻsmart’ board and computer equipment to students in primary school “Trajko Stamenković” in the municipality of Leskovac.

“This computer equipment will not only raise the level of education, but also enable students to encourage their creativity and gain knowledge in a modern way”, pointed out the school principle Sunčica Ilić.

In Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, the schools which received donations are also located in rural areas and have teaching aids of somewhat lower quality when compared to schools in urban areas.

“Your decision to help the satellite classroom in the village of Dragočava, near Foča, is of great importance right now”, said Jelena Čančar, the principle of “Sveti Sava” school and explained:

“After our old teacher retired this year we employed a young one who is ready to share all of her enthusiasm and modern teaching approach with youngsters from I to IV grade. There are total nine of them who attend this village school.  You know, many parents drive their children to school to the city, spending time and money on it. If we showed them that we are capable of providing their youngsters with the same education quality which children in cities have – using computers, making presentations – I am certain that we would ʻrevive’ the school and quickly increase the number of students in this village school”.

After hearing these words – we did not have second thoughts. We provided the support.

There was a similar situation in another school in BIH, where we donated blackboards to “Milutin Bojić’’ primary school in the village of Potkozarje, Banja Luka.

Computer equipment was also delivered to two primary schools in Montenegro – “Đoko Prelević“ in the village of Ubli, municipality of Podgorica, and “Vladimir Rolović“ in the village of Šule, municipality of Pljevlja.

Gratitude ensued. It was shown to us by the great people which manage these institutions – teachers, children and their parents. The most valuable thing we were rewarded with cannot be described in words, and that is a child’s smile, as well as the fact that they will spend their school days more happily and in better conditions.

“Share the Joy“ action has reminded us once more to what most important of all is – what means little to us can mean a lot to someone else! 

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