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Enetel Solutions at Bizit 2019

15. November 2019

Enetel Solutions participated at Bizit again this year, under the slogan “Digital Economy 2020”.

We introduced “CloseOut” software solution – a solution that revolutionizes fieldwork control.

We shared the story of the award-winning “E-Inspector”, as well as all the opportunities for business improvement through the use of data, AI and machine learning.

This year’s BIZIT opened with the topic “Business Process Management”. Our Business Development Manager, Sandra Draca, presented the “Integrated IS for Inspection Operations Management” software solution. It is a solution that enables a paradigm shift and introduces digital era into modern inspection systems, eliminating the “sea” of paperwork characteristic of this industry. The system was developed in cooperation with S&T Serbia and is fully in line with EU directives and regulations and adapted to domestic legislation.

The second day of BIZIT 2019 started with a topic covering the field of infrastructure solutions and models.

Enetel Solutions Project Manager, Ninoslav Mitic presented the CloseOut solution, which revolutionizes fieldwork control, no matter the industry. CloseOut is implemented in energy, construction, industrial production, telecommunications and all other field-based industries.

“CloseOut provides clear monitoring, along with validation and administration of workers and locations. Supervision is provided in real-time, just like direct site monitoring and documentation inspection. The plan is to add new features, including checklists and multi-level validation. Gamification of the application is also possible”, Ninoslav said. He emphasized that CloseOut solution raises the level of quality for businesses, reduces operating costs, improves monitoring and minimizes risks.

The second block of the second day of BIZIT was dedicated to current topics in the IT world, Big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Heavy Industry’s Digital Journey” is the title of the lecture delivered by Data Science Product Manager, Nikola Jancevski and Head of Data Science, Mladen Jovanovic.

Roaming Solutions Group General Manager, Rade Vujovic, was a participant in the “5G controversy” panel, while Milan Simic, Enetel Solutions CEO, participated in the “Education for the digital age” panel, in front of a hall packed with high school and faculty students.

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