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Enetel Solutions at the BIZIT 2018 Conference

14. November 2018

Enetel Solutions representatives, Silvia and Nikola, and our partner company HUB CEO, Bane, gave lectures at the Bizit 2018 Conference.

In her “Digital Deus Ex Machina” lecture, Silvia revealed new digital transformation directions and tools for solving current and future business problems.

She also gave an overview of the new generation of new products, new business models and benefits they bring to companies and end users. Silvia presented Enetel Solutions future-proof products, Impoqo eCommerce solution and data science platform Impoqo wit lab.

Nikola delivered a lecture “How to Beat an Olympic Champion”. He explained how to automate decision making based on existing data and how to get competitive advantage in various industries by using additional data sources together with predictive analytics and machine learning.

Enetel Solutions and HUB d.o.o. created Trajectorio, a software solution that enables use of gamification with the goal to achieve better team spirit, motivation and productivity of employees across various industries. Bane presented the benefits of gaming in modern business and mechanisms used to engage users in his lecture “Enterprise Gamification – Key Principles and Benefits”.

BIZIT 2018 was dedicated to Industry 4.0. Visitors attended many lectures and had the opportunity to learn more about digital transformation, artificial intelligence and many other topics related to Industry 4.0.

The conference was held on November 7 – 8, 2018 in the Deputies Club in Belgrade.


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