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Humanity in the Age of Coronavirus

22. May 2020

Roaming Solutions Group Donations and Humanitarian Actions

Humanity and solidarity have no alternative. This proved to be the only correct and accurate thinking on the entire globe. This is also a call to action, not only in the days that passed, but also in the days to come.

Since COVID-19 pandemic was declared and the whole world rapidly tried to protect everything that could be protected (human health, health systems, economies), numerous companies, business associations, but also individuals, have become involved in various humanitarian actions on a mass scale to support the fight against the coronavirus.

The Roaming Solutions Group (Roaming Networks Group and Enetel Solutions Group), which has over 800 employees, has also shown solidarity with the entire community in the country and the region.

Humanitarian actions and donations in the past two months and beyond have been realized in cooperation with partners, foundations, health centers and institutions, because we have transferred the good practice of joint efforts to achieve the best results in the field of business to socially responsible behavior.

From software solutions, over equipment and goods, to financial support

Roaming Solutions Group donated medical and protective equipment (Center for the Protection of Infants, Children and Youth – Zvecanska), as well as technical and IT equipment (General Hospital in Valjevo, Medical Center “Studenica” in Kraljevo, Clinic for Infectious Diseases and Center for Microbiology of the Clinical Center of Serbia).

We helped with the purchase of an ambulance for the needs of the General Hospital in Uzice, and in cooperation with the Princess Katherine Foundation, we participated in raising the necessary funds intended for the accommodation of doctors who are at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus.

In cooperation with Supernova and the Red Cross, it is with great pleasure that we donated power banks to virus-infected patients, and the purchase of materials for producing face shields was the least we could do to provide help to the great “Visionaries of Serbia” team, who organized themselves across the country and made protective face shields for medical, pharmaceutical and technical staff on 3D printers.

To provide the entire public with timely information, in cooperation with the Office for IT, Enetel Solutions has adapted its award-winning software solution, based on the use of open data, to monitor the number of coronavirus-infected persons by municipalities and cities.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, Roaming Networks helped pay for medical equipment and equipment for healthcare workers by making payments to the “Public Health Institute of Republika Srpska” and the “Ministry of Finance – Sarajevo Canton”, while in Montenegro, Roaming Networks donated funds for the same purpose to the “National Coordination Body for Infectious Diseases”.

Volunteers – the pride of the group

A large number of colleagues responded to the request to help deliver packages to elderly citizens, thus showing that for most employees, personal solidarity is also important, and that is expressed by one keyword – care. Not just for ourselves, not just for our families, but caring for the eldest and the most vulnerable members of our community.

Fight against the coronavirus – a marathon, not a race

The procurement of thermal cameras is underway. They will be installed in institutions with a large number of users (visitors) in order for preventive measures to be practiced in the following period as well, and for the daily routine to run smoothly.

“When it comes to the Roaming Solutions group of companies operating in the ICT industry, we have managed to overcome all difficulties worldwide without major downtime. I am proud of all our people and after all, we are even stronger and more ready for new challenges in doing business around the world. When it comes to socially responsible behavior, the solidarity and responsibility that we show in the business, we have applied to all humanitarian actions in which we are involved. Our goal is to create and preserve all those values that strengthen us as people and society as a whole”, said Rade Vujović, President of the Roaming Solutions Group.

Our plan is to continue to help and react in accordance with the new situation even after the lifting of the state of emergency in most countries.

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Humanity in the Age of Coronavirus

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