Our professionalism, experience, and shared goals are reflected in all our projects. Customers entrust us with their business needs and requirements, confident that we will translate them into efficient solutions.

Tehnomanija d.o.o.
  • eCommerce solution Impoqo
  • Impoqo wit lab (data science recommender)
Computerland Iris mega d.o.o.
  • eCommerce solution Impoqo
Metalac a.d.
  • eCommerce solution Impoqo
  • Impoqo wit lab (data science recommender)
  • eCommerce solution Impoqo
  • eCommerce solution Impoqo
  • Impoqo wit lab (data science recommender)
  • eCommerce solution Impoqo
Singi (Kaspersky eShop)
  • eCommerce solution Impoqo
  • eCommerce solution Impoqo
  • eCommerce solution Impoqo
mtel Crna Gora
  • OTT solution (Impoqo.TV)
Uniqua osiguranje
  • GameUp B2B solution
Beauty Pass
  • Beauty Pass is an online, location-based network, that affiliates models from selected fashion agencies, with leading venues in the food, hospitality and entertainment business worldwide. It was entirely designed and developed by Enetel Solutions. Functionalities include finding nearest matching venues, venue information page with photo galleries, offer catalogue, reservation system, QR code based authentication mechanism, social network integration, reporting and many more.
Karisma Hotels & Resorts
  • For Karisma Hotels & Resorts, Enetel Solutions designed and developed online app called Wedding designer. It is e-commerce based system for organizing, designing and booking a wedding on attractive dream locations around the world, no matter where you are organizing the wedding from. Functionalities include destination management , hotel booking (guests included), ceremony design and organization (altar, location, reception, dinner, party) and many more.
Putevi Srbije
  • Official mobile app of Public Enterprise Roads of Serbia, developed entirely by Enetel Solutions Available on both iOS and Android devices. Features include interactive traffic map, road conditions & construction alerts, incidents and weather affecting passengers, locations of the nearest rest stops, EV chargers, free WiFi spots, gas stations, as well as real-time calculations of toll fees, personalized real time notifications that are relevant to the traveling public.
  • Upgrade of Ionic application and Cordova add-on for Paygilant LTD as end user.
  • Development of Dashboard for the company Paygilant as the end user.
  • Identity management and access control
  • Data classification and data loss prevention (DC & DLP)
  • System for monitoring and controlling of ICT resources
  • System for control, detection and analysis of security logs (set of tools for security monitoring and forensics)
  • Privileged access management
  • System for backup and recovery for critical services
  • Database security & monitoring
  • Two-factor authentication solution
  • Software solution for network infrastructure management, network opeerations analytics and network flow analyses
Službebni glasnik
  • Microsoft NAV Implementation - Enhancements
  • Microsoft NAV implementation
Roaming Networks
  • Microsoft NAV implementation (Serbia, Montenegro and Republika Srpska)
  • RPA project for residential sales
Telekom Srbija
  • Billing and charging -corrective invoice, SAP RMCA & COPA, SAP IFRS 15&16, Symantec DLP
  • Real-time sensitive data monitoring and protection system - Symantec DLP (Data Loss Prevention)
  • Procurement of CASB platform
  • Implementation of work management solutions
  • SAP ERP implementation
  • SAP RM-CA/COPA implementation
  • SAP AFARIA implementation
  • SAP RAR IFRS 15/16 implementation
VIP mobile d.o.o
  • Billing Support - Testing
Aerodrom beograd
  • BPM (Building Management System) introduced integrated facility management that connects all existing and future systems into a single system and enables management and control of the entire facility from a central location. Introduction of a smart building management system has significantly improved security, comfort and efficiency of buildings, as well as provided major savings at multiple levels.
mtel Crna Gora
  • Real-time sensitive data monitoring and protection system - Symantec DLP (Data Loss Prevention)
  • Implementation, migration, testing and support for Ericsson CBIO (as Ericsson subcontractor), Symantec DLP, SAP
  • SAP S/4HANA On-Premise ‎ERP implementation
  • SAP S/4HANA On Cloud, Single Tenant Edition implementation
  • SAP S/4HANA EWM implementation
  • Warehouse RFID Infrastructure deployment and integration