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Roaming Solutions Group’s Campaign Share the Joy

27. December 2018

December is the month of giving!

Also, in the corporate world, December is a month packed with business commitments that can barely fit in 31 days (including plans, budgets and performance targets that just spill over into the next year), as well as a month of past performance analysis …

Not even we, at Roaming Solutions Group, managed to avoid getting caught up in the corporate December “fever”. With one important difference – this time, we are welcoming the New Year satisfied and accomplished so we wanted to share the joy of success with others – those who need help the most, those who are not in our shoes, those to whom small acts of kindness would mean the most.

Rade Vujović, Roaming Solutions General Manager, explained the decision to launch the Share the Joy campaign in very simple words: “In the last five years we have been striving to be among the best by working diligently and expanding our business. We strategically support young people in higher education and sports. As of this year, we have decided to share the joy of success with those who probably need our support and attention the most – with the youngest ones, the children… ”

The choice of “who those children would be” was not easy…

This year, we visited children and young people at the Centre for the Protection of Infants, Children and Youth in Zvecanska (Roaming Networks) and the Institution for Children and Youth in Sremcica (Enetel Solutions), where we donated equipment and goods that they most needed.

Our colleagues from Roaming Networks in Banja Luka and Podgorica also made children happy. In Banja Luka we visited children at “Rada Vranješević” Centre for Children Without Parental Care and donated, as a New Year’s gift, new shoes to the residents. In Podgorica, we donated new computers, keyboards and didactic toys to children attending the Centre for Education and Training “June 1st “.

Great people who lead these institutions, teachers and carers showed us their appreciation and gratitude. It was beautiful to see the devotion and dedication that these wonderful people show each day taking care of the children.

Roaming Solutions Group will continue with the Share the Joy campaign. We wish to invite all other companies in Serbia to join our campaign. Hopefully soon, to the satisfaction of all and above all the children, we can add to the calendar another month of unforgettable memories filled with children’s smiles…

It is important to not forget – Our small gestures of kindness mean a lot to them!

Roaming Solutions Group’s Campaign Share the Joy

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