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Software Development Outsourcing – Good Business Practice of Global Technology Leaders

22. July 2019

The global expansion of technology use and on – line communication, led to wide changes in business. Simply put, today, that change is reflected in the fact that geographic borders do not exist, and anyone can work with and for the companies on the other side of the world. That is why more and more companies turn to outsourcing of individuals, teams, or even entire companies for their business purposes.

The most common reason why companies decide to engage software development experts to do the specific job, is to save time and money by focusing on their own core competencies. In order to remain fully dedicated to the business they know well and that they wish to improve, many decide to enter in strategic partnerships of software development. In terms of quality, you can find highly professional and educated experts, who will provide all needed services. Company outsourcing also includes a consulting relationship in the process of product creation. With their experience in various industries and understanding of market trends, they can upgrade existing solutions, but also create entirely new and customized ones.

For that reason, term” software development outsourcing” evolved into ”custom software development” and it is one of the Enetel Solutions areas of  business (

Enetel Solutions possesses the knowledge and practical experience in a large number of modern technologies which enable it to develop its own web and mobile software solutions in the areas of e-Commerce (Impoqo and Impoqo wit lab), georeferencing analytics (Geotelemark, Epicentar, CloseOut), gamification (Game Up), digital television (Multiscreen IPTV) and so much more. These solutions were created based on clients’ needs and in line with the latest technological trends, and as such, they improve operations and are easy to use.

Constant growth of ICT industry in Serbia continues its expansion into leading technological markets such as the US and Israel. California with the center in San Francisco and Tel Aviv, attract interested parties from all over the world, eager to prove themselves in a league of the best ones. After years of fighting to gain “American trust”, the time has come where we are increasingly recognized as a country with high-quality education system, a strong knowledge of English and an excellent geographic position, making us, the right fit for a business partner in America.


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